allowchangeThank you! I believe people come into your life at certain junctures for a reason. I feel they have something to teach me or I them. Regardless I pay attention when it occurs and you have taught me more about myself than I thought possible. You have changed me. —Sara

I am continuing to feel grateful for our session together. You have a true gift of facilitation and guidance. I feel thrilled to have been not only a recipient of what you have to offer, but also able to witness you in YOUR true power and gifts. —Jesse

The compassionate guidance from such an enlightened guide continues to amaze me. The depth of insightful, kind, and encouraging words at your age is remarkable. The change you have helped create in me is priceless. Thank you for this offering. I am better because of it.  —Dawn

My practice has softened me in very important ways. I feel much more comfortable not knowing how things will reconcile. My intuition feels more accessible. I feel a lot less pressure in knowing what direction to take or whether I’m on the right path. Staying present and aware, I can trust myself to adjust as needed. The paralysis of perfectionism is loosening in me. Overall, I feel much more resilient.  –Dirk 


This was a brilliant workshop.  I feel as though the access that Becca granted to each of us, to truly witness and emote wildness, has helped me to reach deep, creatively, and love what I feel rise to the surface, to the page and screen. This love I mention may not be for the piece as an object, but rather for an energy which embodies the story of my individuality.  –Anonymous workshop participant

I had a great time in this class! I left with plenty of ideas and met some really lovely people. I appreciated Becca’s openness and sparkly energy! —Melissa

It was a simple and easy process working with Becca as our copywriter and editor for One with Heart’s website. Her approach is super positive and  she is organized and delivers on time. I felt a big weight taken off me as soon as we hired her to complete this for us!  –Janesa Kruse, Director

Leaning into Love” was my first creative writing experience in 15 years. Through Becca’s gentle, soulful, and heartfelt guidance I was able to connect with a voice that I was positive didn’t exist. I was truly surprised by what fell out of my heart and onto the page. Thanks, Becca. ~Aaron


I always love working with Becca! She creates a very safe space to play and share and mine the creative depths. I left feeling more open and with a renewed sense of spark. I’m still riding the wave a few weeks later. ~Kristen O.

“Leaning into Love,” tapped a vein that had been somewhat clogged from stagnation.  The prompts you gave us and short writes were perfect for getting jump-started into writing again.  Thanks, Becca ~Mona

As someone who doesn’t write much because I feel like I repeat myself, I was amazed by the opening and healing that happened for me while in Becca’s class. And we had so much fun, to boot! ~Alea

Becca creates a super-safe, easy-to-feel-successful container. She’s a gem!
~ Stacy

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